Krause Springs - Spicewood TX

on a rainy friday I took a trip out to krause springs. the thing I love about texas, and something I never expected moving here, is the amount of fresh sacred water there is. I could swim at a different spring, natural pool, lake, and waterfall every day of the week and there would still be places to explore. this particular fresh water spring and is surrounded by lush creeks, waterfalls, and a beautiful flower garden.

gentle rain showers made the water sparkle and were interrupted by brief periods of the sun shining through. we silently soaked in the beauty of these magic waters it was an overcast day when we left, which was fine with us. we nearly had the property to ourselves. we set off exploring, following the little creeks, and admiring the old gnarled roots of the trees growing in and around the water.

tropical plants intertwined with cacti in the fairy garden tended by the owners. it seemed like every flower imaginable existed in this lush garden. vibrant ginger reminded me of hawaii. tropical flowers along with the interspersed sun showers and humidity were so reminiscent of my childhood.
 I hope you've enjoyed this color story. wishing you all the good vibes, colorful flowers, healing waters, and inspiration your heart desires.

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