Full Moon Missive 🦂

This month I am resonating with yarrow, the six of cups, and the energy of butterflies.

T H E   S I X   O F   C U P S

Later, when this era of your life has passed, what is the story you will tell yourself about right now?
What are the simple beauties around you, the small pleasures in your world?
Maybe you're feeling the glow of old memories. Remember that the rustle of nostalgia isn't something reserved only for moments gone. Very soon, this will be a memory too.
Challenge yourself to integrate the old into the new. Feel those echoes of the past and let them help you feel a deeper gratitude for the ever unfolding now.
Beautiful words and deck by the Mesquite Tarot


This spring is the first year I am planting a garden in my new home. I am working with an assortment of medicinal herbs, Yarrow among them. Yarrow holds such a special place in my heart. It was one of the first plant spirits I called on to help me and it has been such a deeply healing energy to work with.
A lot of yarrow's work is around patching energetic holes in places where our energy can slip away from us. This can show up in many ways, but particularly, Yarrow is a wonderful teacher when it comes to setting boundaries. It is also used for healing cuts and wounds, hence its nickname "soldier's woundwort"

T H E   D E L I C A T E   T R A N S F O R M E R

The other day I came across a documentary on the migration of monarch butterflies. It was so beautiful I was nearly in tears. Spring in texas is bringing allll of the birds and bees and butterflies out and about. It is such a special sight to see. 
Today I took a walk in a meadow near a stream and just watched the butterflies fluttering around. The energy in the meadow was ethereal. Butterflies are so delicate you almost think they could just disappear into thin air, yet they are so hardy that they traverse thousands of miles every spring and fall to get to their nesting grounds.
The energy of the butterfly is one of renewal, transformation, and freedom. While at times these topics may feel heavy, the butterfly brings a lightness and ease to transitional times.
One of my favorite books Spirit Animals by Stefanie Iris Weiss puts it beautifully:
"Able to focus their intention and create majestic wings out of the stillness of an unassuming cocoon , they explode into the world and make magic."

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